Chile International On His Way Out After Copa America Shenanigans

A highly contested Copa America fixture took a turn for the worst when Edinson Cavani was dismissed in the second half. At first, it wasn’t quite clear what caused the Uruguay international to lose his temper, but after further review, Gonzalo Jara’s finger broke Cavani’s brain, and the internet.

One finger in the back side won’t sit well with most people, especially in the middle of a Copa America elimination match. Brings us back to some of the similar moments in the past, such as when Vinnie Jones grabbed a handful of Gazza. Except this time, Jara was trying to check Cavani’s temperature.


Jara’s actions not only caused CONMEBOL to launch an investigation, but the latest news out of Germany is that FSV Mainz is looking to offload him sooner rather than later.

“He knows that if an offer comes, he can go,” Mainz sporting director Christian Heidel ranted to BILD.

“We do not tolerate that. More than the prod, however, it is what comes afterwards that makes me angry. I hate theatrics more than anything.”

Now it’s a waiting game for both parties, but who will come in and make an offer for finger happy Jara? 

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