AC Milan 3rd Kit Waves Arrivederci To Classic Traditions

Every new campaign brings a load of transfers, speculation, and of course, some extremely questionable kits. After seeing New Balance release FC Porto’s brown alternate kit a few weeks ago, it’s now Milan’s chance to jump into the spotlight.


Things haven’t been going well for the Rossoneri on and off the pitch as of late, and things just got worst. Or maybe you’ll say they just got a hell of a lot better?

Adidas has put together a 3rd kit which to be honest, is acceptable from the waist up. But, the shorts get quite interesting.


It all starts off fine, but as you make your way towards the socks, it looks like they gave a little kid a paint brush and let him have some fun. Or better yet, it looks like a refreshing Bob Marley mixed drink you could buy yourself while on vacation in the Caribbean.

Shorts II

Bartender, could we get a round for everyone please!?


Since the traditional things haven’t been working too well for Milan, maybe this is a change they could do with? What’s the over/under on how many times they actually wear these kits throughout the campaign? 5, maybe 6? And half of those in friendly fixtures, behind closed doors?

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