Welcome Back English Premier League, We Missed You!

Let us all take a deep breath and think about how frustrating the last few months have been without some competitive football. There haven’t been any soggy matches at the Britannia, no Arsene Wenger vs Jose Mourinho putting on a better show than Pacquiao and Mayweather at Stamford Bridge, or how about a good ol’ choke hold from our good friend Charlie Adam?

Charlie-Adam-AlexisAfter a long summer of mediocre ICC matches across the globe and loads of transfer rumors, it’s now time to hear that kickoff whistle. It’s time to get that damn ball rolling, and what a better way to do that than with a match between Manchester United and Tottenham at Old Trafford.

Louis Van Gaal’s squad has seen some new faces come into the mix, while Angel Di Maria has packed his bags and moved to Paris to represent PSG. Are the United fans going to miss the former Real Madrid player? Probably…. NOT! Of course we also can’t forget the departure of Falcao who was an absolute beast in front of goal last year, but since he was only on a very expensive loan deal, he’s now taken his talents south, more precisely, Stamford Bridge.

Fortunately for Van Gaal this match is at home, but seeing as he’ll be under a lot of pressure this season, an opening fixture against Tottenham certainly isn’t what he would have hoped for. Maybe Bournemouth or Watford at the Theater of Dreams would have been more appropriate?

As for the visitors in the first match of the 2015/16 campaign, they too will be under some pressure to perform.

They spent all that money from the Bale transfer to Real Madrid, but they don’t really have much to show for it. Meanwhile they’ve swapped managers and Daniel Levy is still employed. When will the bald headed man watching from the stands be held accountable, taking some of the blame away from their managers? Will Harry Kane be able to keep Pochettino employed until Christmas? I’m not totally convinced he can.

Either way, with Memphis Depay ready to light up the Premier League by exhibiting his electrifying pace and Michel Vorm looking to prove his worth between the sticks in Lloris’ absence, it’s going to be yet another exciting EPL campaign. Set your alarm clocks ladies and gentlemen, the world’s most watched football league is back. If you have to walk the dog or change diapers before kickoff, be sure to give yourself some extra time.

Here’s to the return of early mornings after long inebriated nights with the lads. Those mornings when a very strong cup of coffee is needed to keep you awake for that first match of the weekend. The excitement is back! Football is back! Enjoy!

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