DoTD: Arsenal Was Doomed At Stamford Bridge Against Mike Dean

Walcott - CoquelinA meeting with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge is never easy regardless of their form. Given their uncharacteristic start to the campaign, many Arsenal and even Chelsea fans thought this was Wenger’s chance. The chance to defeat Mourinho on his home pitch and in an official match.

Leading up to the London Derby, Arsenal’s confidence took a hit after their mid-week defeat in Croatia. Meanwhile, Chelsea comfortably beat Maccabi Tel-Aviv, giving the hosts that extra bit of confidence. 

Confident or not, their Champions League results did not mark the difference in this match.

Arsenal didn’t even play all that bad. 

Defensively they played well, keeping the Chelsea offense in check. The hosts were able to get near the final third, but the Gunners were patient, allowing them to kill off any offensive threats.

Neither side was clearly above the other, until Mike Dean decided he was going to take matters into his own hands, essentially ruining the match.

Before I share my thoughts on that whole situation, when will the FA step in and suspend their officials when mistakes are made? Not to mention this is the guy that basically celebrated Spuds scoring a goal against Arsenal a few years back. What will the FA do about Dean’s horrific performance?

Now, onto the chaotic few minutes at the end of the first half.

Let me remind you that there are two linesman, Mike Dean, and a fourth official. Yet, none of them saw, or cared to see Diego Costa being the piece of sh*t that he is, pardon my Française. 

This guy did it at Atletico, he did it last year at Chelsea and this year it looks like we are in for the same.

He clearly shoves Koscielny with both hands on his face, then he proceeds to blatantly slap him with a full swing of his arm. But, he wasn’t done yet.

The scumbag then got up, pushing his chest up against Koscielny as if the Frenchman had done something wrong.

What’s most astonishing about all of this is that not one of the officials had the courage to make the right decision, which was to send off Costa immediately. Instead, they let him roam around the pitch being the piece of scum that he is. Had they made the right decision from the start, the situation would have never escalated, and the hosts would have been rightfully down to 10 men, instead of the visitors.

As Mike Dean was about to give Costa and Gabriel a yellow, about three feet away, Costa slaps Gabriel two times on the back, which the Brazilian defender then responds with two slaps of his own. Yet, Mr. Mike Dean is totally oblivious to all of that.

Fast forward a few seconds.

Costa is behind Gabriel, and the Arsenal defender lifts his leg and apparently touches Costa’s leg. Here is where I lost it!

Diego Costa reacts as if Gabriel took a hammer to his leg. Mike Dean doesn’t even react, basically playing it off, but Costa insists, with Dean eventually looking over at his fourth official, and then decides he’s going to send off Gabriel. The best part about it, direct red card, opposed to a second yellow. Are You F*cken Kidding Me, were the exact words out of my mouth, loud and clear for all to hear!

Dean was no more than one foot away from this incident and he clearly didn’t see it or didn’t feel that it merited a sending off, and that’s obvious in his very delayed reaction.

So here is my question – how the hell is your fourth official or linesman able to make that call with you no more than one foot away, yet no one saw what Costa did at the beginning of that play? HOW!?!?

Gabriel - Diego CostaThat not only infuriated the Arsenal players, but it absolutely pissed me off! And for those Chelsea fans who can defend Costa after watching that, I wanted to drop kick them all, one in particular who watched the match with me.

Whether he’s on your team or not, how do you defend someone like that?

The second half was going to be a struggle, especially after playing down a man in Zagreb. The early goal in the second half didn’t make things easy either, nor did Coquelin’s injury.

Despite being down a goal and a man, Arsenal continued to circulate the ball. They weren’t lowering their heads and packing it in as we’ve seen in the past. They took it to the defending champions,  but we were missing that creativity out of the midfield. 

Santi wasn’t playing like he normally does, and Ramsey looked shocking! He had a full week off having been given the night off in Zagreb, yet he looked so damn tired. His performance looked like the Ramsey of 3-4 years ago, which would infuriate me to the point of wanting to set my TV on fire.

The match was entering its final 20 minutes and Arsenal was growing in confidence. I’m not going to lie, I felt that we could grab an equalizer. Chelsea was up a man and a goal, but they were still struggling to make anything happen.

Then, Mike Dean completely killed off the match. 

Santi’s second yellow was a 50/50 challenge in Chelsea’s defensive third. Both players lunged into the ball, with Cesc getting his toe to it, but it wasn’t malicious nor was it poorly timed. Mike Dean thought differently. 

While Arsenal were down to 9-men, Diego Costa remained on the pitch.

The Brazilian born striker wasn’t done yet. 

Ox got the ball in our defensive third and after clearing the ball, Costa clearly runs right through him. No foul, play on! Looks like Mike Dean was scared to send off Costa. Didn’t want to face the wrath of Costa and Mourinho?

The fortunate hosts then got their second goal on a play that was not only fortunate, but should have been a hand ball. 

When the ball was shot in the box by Remy, it bounces back off of his arm, landing right in the path of Hazard, who’s shot ricocheted off the Arsenal defender and into the goal. But, had Mike Dean been awake, he would have called a foul on the handball before the goal.

Overall it was a shit day, thanks to Mike Dean. Chelsea did not outplay Arsenal, even with an extra man, which eventually turned into two extra men.

I’d now like to see if the FA will go back and take a look at not only Mike Dean’s performance, but also Diego Costa’s performance. His arrogant manager even had the decency to come out after the match and say that Costa was the man of the match. Actually Mr. Mourinho, the man of the match should have been Mike Dean. He gift wrapped three points for you, something you and your side have found hard to come by this season!

Fresh off two defeats, I really hope the squad is fired up heading into the mid-week clash with Spuds. Who better to take our anger out on than our lowly neighbors! These guys better be ready to run through walls after Saturday’s match. 

Do you share the same opinion as me? What were your thoughts of Mike Dean’s officiating on Saturday?

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