You likely never sit and think about how much action takes place next to the corner flag, or do you? The likely answer is no. But just like that corner flag may feel abandoned and lonely more often than not, a lot of footy fans could feel the same way. Sitting in your living room yelling at the television as if the players can hear you is far from a pleasant experience. That experience becomes a hell of a lot worst if your beloved club decides they are going to send you on an emotional roller-coaster. The icing on the cake – It’s Just A Game! 

How many times have you heard that? And now that you’ve got that number fresh in your head, think about all the vulgar and inappropriate things you really wanted to say, but didn’t. Fell better now?

One of the best parts of being a passionate footy fan is our willingness to engage in a heated argument about our club, even if deep down we know they were complete sh*t on the day. Even though we know that, we aren’t going down without a fight! With that said, Lonely Corner Flag brings you the opportunity to engage in some friendly banter, and while everyone is expected to show some respect towards each other, everyone is entitled to their opinion. From the day’s most talked about topics, tekkers and even viral videos of players making stupid decisions, you can read, yell, argue, agree, and talk about it here.

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